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222989874John Coltrane & Johny Hertman
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h.s. trash was founded in 1974. This year is the 49th anniversary.




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Regular holiday: Mondays and Tuesdays

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​Yuki's Jazz Wanderings

JAZZ is a journey (trip) that seeks and pursues the soul. It's just life. Santoka Taneda, Hoya Ozaki... yes... That's why h.s.trash existed...

I would like to introduce the European edition first, but this is when I traveled to Europe from July to December 1996 with a soprano saxophone. It was published in JAZZ LIFE. I once traveled to India, Africa, and South America, starting with New York. As long as my soul burns out, I will continue "Jazz and Journey" and tell everyone!

In addition, since the European edition has only been reprinted from JAZZ LIFE, if it is difficult to see, please purchase the JAZZ LIFE Back Number or visit h.s.trash.

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