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Yuki's New York Life

July 7 (Tanabata Day)
tanabata day

Barry Harris in Harlem ( played the piano. Jazz mobile, so to speak, home delivery jazz.
play on the track. A band consisting of saxophone, drums, bass, guitar and piano. Some are dancing, others are watching from their apartments. Smiles spill out from people's expressions. It's like a Japanese delivery Bon Odori. What's more, it's free because it's run by the city of New York. It's amazing that it's been around since the 70's when I lived there. A few days ago, I listened to Barry Harris for 2 days and 3 sets at Village Vanguard. I'm as obsessed with Barry now as I was when I chased Roland Hannah (who passed away last year) in Paris. I wouldn't mind $30 a set. He's a really warm person, open-minded, row-house-like, and funky. Of course, the piano is also his personality, warm and funky, swingy and really fun to listen to.
Barry Harris said he was coming to Japan in November.

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